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Original wedding themes For the Big Day

To make your wedding original and unique from others or if you want to plan you big day look different from the crowd consider the following ideas:- Break the tradition The first idea to start with the top wedding themes is to try to save the Confetti throwing ceremony till the end and let your guests shower you with petals and flowers in your last dance. It costs much cheaper than having fireworks.

Steal the style Try to take some inspiration for original wedding theme from famous weddings and add some extra touch to your weddings. Go for something unique or create a wedding dress which speaks for itself. Create a loving spirit by being dressed as royal couple.

Collect photos of family and friends Collect photos of your family and friends and put them in frames with each guest’s table assignment. This will certainly make your wedding theme unique and original and will help every guest participate in the entire event with much enthusiasm. Do-it-yourself theme Instead of having Groom’s cake try to create your own cake with scrumptious flavors such as gingerbread, coconut or mango and to add more taste add sprinkles. Exchange wedding vows with surprise element. While exchanging vows consider words that he wrote in the valentine’s card or some words from the love notes that sent to you always. Tradition vs. innovation Try to choose some other alternative  on original wedding theme then traditional wedding car. Walk directly to the venue if you are staying locally in town. Unique Centerpieces Use of fruits instead of flowers to decorate the wedding tables as it looks amazingly fantastic to have apple filled baskets or cherries filled paper bags on the wedding tables and it looks healthy as well.

Kids’ corner Try to set a separate kids fun area. It feels great when you see small kids playing with bean bags and games. This keeps kids happy and chance for adults to talk with each other. Treasure hunt Create a treasure hunt for adults too.  The simplest way is to hide loads of candies or goodies and tell your guests to hunt for them. A treasure hunt is a great fun activity in a wedding and will let guests interact with each other. Wedding photo booth One of the interesting ideas is to create a weeding photo booth for everybody including guests and kids. Put up a dressing box inside the booth filled with wigs, moustaches and other funny things and let your guests come and take picture of them. If you are looking for cost effective options try to rent a polo raid camera and click amazing pictures and give them back to your guests as return gifts which they will cherish for life time.

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