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Ordinary to Extraordinary Wedding Reception Themes

Every couple dream to hosts an extraordinary wedding reception.  They are not afraid to try something unique and out of box wedding reception themes. By self investigation, couples can know which theme is best for them.  The couples need to define their likings and disliking. They should also think of their guests and their needs. Tie their thinking into the theme.  More than anything else a logical thinking on the 5 Ws of who, what, why, when and where help the couple to decide the wedding reception theme.

The whole picture of wedding reception theme, including the place, decoration, favours and celebrations revolve around 5 Ws. A fabulous reception is marked by the interior decoration of place and the decoration in itself depends on theme. Wedding reception theme could be anything amongst the below mentioned ideas:
  1. Pure and Simple Reception:  Simple reception is perfectly suitable for small gathering of closest friends and family members. It can be arranged at the backyard of home or a small restaurant near the home.  The theme ideas such as beach wedding are also counted in the pure and simple reception.
  2. Fun Reception: The circus theme, Jamboree theme and carnival themes comes under the concept of fun reception. It can be arranged in the open ground away from home.  Big canopy, circus posters, midway lights, magician, acrobats, clowns and pinwheels are a part of circus themes. Black and shades of brown colour, paper fans, tissue balls, balloons and signage makes a part of carnival theme.
  3. Gorgeous and classic reception: A grand 5-star or 7-star wedding reception theme is what is known as gorgeous wedding reception theme. From decoration to favours everything is vast and splendid.
  4. Vintage theme:  Introducing a creative theme like vintage is an opportunity to give the wedding reception theme ideas an entire unique direction.
  5. Arabian nights: Decor of Arabian night wedding reception theme makes the world at the occasion alive.
  6. Ancient theme: Your wedding reception theme can be inspired by the ancient countries like Greece. Few ideas like mythology, olives, Mediterranean, acropolis are what inspires the ancient theme.
  7. Hollywood wedding theme: The world of lights, camera and action are well exploited in popular Hollywood wedding reception themes. You can roll out the red carpet for your guests at the occasion.

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