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Orange Wedding Theme For Bright Summer Wedding

Orange is the color of summer; bright and gorgeous like morning sun. Color theme weddings are getting really popular and everyone wants to choose their favorite color as their wedding theme color. It is not traditional and gives yet another flavor to your guests. Orange wedding theme is ideal to get a snazzy summer wedding theme as there are plenty of options for decoration, food, flowers and attire . Flower decoration can be done using orange roses, dahlia, lilies etc. and it goes well green leaves and brown wooden pots and chairs. Nature is full of green and brown color and they blend well with orange color. Orange gives a bright look to summer weddings and if it is your favorite color; you can just have any excuse to use orange color theme. Maid of honors can go with orange color gowns and get it embroidered with golden or any complimenting color. Adorn their hair with orange flowers. For jewelry what can be better than pure gold, with orange color gold really goes well though keep it simple and stylish gold jewelry. Bride should go traditionally white with orange flower bouquet. Cake will look as yummy as orange itself with the orange color icing, you can tell your baker to even put orange flavor in the wedding cake. Orange can be the part of your wedding menu too; fruit salad, orange flavored fruit cream and desert will fit in the menu very well. You should avoid using orange on groom though, you can add an orange flower on his wedding jacket but don’t do too much as it is a feminine color and might make him look accord. Cream color jacket suit will go really well with orange theme color. Orange is very beautiful color and will make your wedding a memorable event with wedding theme color when it is used as a complimentary but don’t do it completely orange, mix it with any soft color which compliments it well. Orange wedding theme should use lot of orange rose flower because it is easily available and not one thing can ever match with the natural beauty of flowers. The best thing about orange theme wedding is it gives you chance to play with many other colors such as brown, black, green, golden etc. as orange really compliments with all these colors and give you chance to add more colors in your wedding.

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