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Orange and Purple Wedding Theme For Happy Weddings

Orange and Purple are fabulous, yet not very commonly found. Both are secondary colors and can be used for decorations. If you want to decorate any room, both the colors add an exuberant lookay. If you are deciding an orange and purple wedding theme, then you have to think over again to develop creative ideas. If you are planning for an orange and purple wedding theme, then the ideas cannot come to you so easily.

You can beautifully decorate the dining table by placing oranges and blue grapes that almost look purple in a large bowl. You can prepare a bouquet with many beautiful flowers such as asters, marigold, daffodils, dahlia, and ivy flowers. The orange and purple flowers should consist of stems and leaves also. A combination of green in orange and purple set is really beautiful. The orange and purple both consist of several shades and hence the combination would look posh and wonderful. People who usually are luxury-conscious usually adore this combination.

The bride or the bridesmaids can wear wonderful frilled dress of purple color. The light purple frilled curtains look elegant for the wedding background. You can arrange for a wonderful orange wedding theme flavored or grape flavored wedding cake and decorate it with grapes or slice of oranges. The cake can be surrounded with wonderful candles and the flame that is orange gives a radiant look to the marriage place. You can also get married outdoors, during the evening hours, before the period of sun setting because the sky looks orange, purple, and a combination of few radiating colors. You can also marry during the spring season, when many orange and purple flowers grow naturally. The common factor about orange and purple color is that the naturally growing flowers are found adequately.

You can even celebrate your orange and purple wedding theme indoors in the best possible way. The orange colored and purple colored handicrafts give an appealing look to the atmosphere. The men can wear purple colored coats or even caps because purple color is easily available. The women look pretty wearing orange attire. Usually in Asian wedding themes, orange color is widely used because orange color is regarded as sacred. The orange cookies, orange juice or grape juice, and any other edible made from orange flavor can be arranged for the guests to provide enjoyment. Orange and purple color handicrafts can be made easily and used for decoration.

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