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Old like Gold 50s Wedding Theme

The era of 50s was a post-world war period when the ladies became confident about their appearance and started working on their looks they actually gone more concerned about their dressing and guises while short skirts and closely stitched dresses came into the scene whereas this era is called to be feminine, sensuous and elegant. The era of 50s was all about looking good and spending loads and loads of money on dressing only you can say that people were showy and they loved to make a statement and show off in front of everyone while 50s wedding theme is best for you if you have got a perfect figure and you like to show off your curves.

50s wedding theme

The 50s wedding theme reflects the cocktail parties of older times therefore your bridal dress should reflect the same so go for wearing a white colored short length cocktail dress and don’t do the mistake of adding spaghetti straps in your dress leave it strapless. If you want to go elegant you can leave out the cocktail frock and stick to the elegant gown which is again going to be of short length but is going to be closely stitched to your body whereas the bridesmaid will also have to wear something related to 50s and she can do best with polka doted scarf and a cocktail frock and at the end I would suggest you to stick to the strapless cocktail dress.

50s wedding theme 1

The invitation card should have the image of old Mercedes and a couple standing together whereas only  couple’s legs should appear in a close posture and the color palate of the invitation card should be  black and red giving it bold and wicked essence of 50s. Use flowers in your hairstyle but I would suggest that it would look more elegant if you go for a vintage style up-do. The best themed wedding favors for the 50s wedding are giving out poker cards to the guests which they can play with in case if they get bored.

50s wedding theme 2

Music of the era of 50s is a must in your wedding so make sure to play the best music that relates your wedding to 50s and let your guests feel that they are into the old times whereas let the oldies enjoy the time and miss their times when they were young. Set an old red colored Mercedes for you to run away with your spouse after the wedding and keep the car with a tag on it of ‘just married’.

50s wedding theme 3

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