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Office Dress Code For A Professional Look In You

An office dress code is a guide or set of standards to employees about what is appropriate to wear within the company. It may range from casual to business casual to formal. The formality of the office dress code can be based on the interaction of the employees with their clients or customers. Some offices may prefer to have two dress codes depending on the interaction of the employee to the clients. Companies set certain standards so that employees won't be confused on the meaning of casual, business casual and formal dress code. Most companies set an office dress code because an employee's dress has been an issue for clients, co workers or the company's professional look or image.

A casual dress code normally applies to employees with no customer interaction. An office dress code can be written in full detail but for a casual dress code, a little detail is needed. The main objective of having a casual dress code is to make the employees comfortable in the workplace. This type of dress code is less dressy compared to business casual and is usually worn on small companies. All casual clothing is not appropriate for the office so a little guide to employees will be helpful. Beach wear, exercise clothing and sports contest attire are examples of casual attire.

When an employee is representing the company through travel, or interacting with the client or when attending a Trade show, a business professional dress code for women is appropriate. Employees wear comfortable and practical clothing in a business casual work setting. Any clothing that maybe offensive or distracting to others is not acceptable. Dresses that have company logos, sports team or fashion brands are acceptable. Wearing a business casualis more appropriate when an employee is traveling to a different country as dress and customs may differ.

The purpose of having an office dress code to work is to gain the trust of the clients and customers. This will allow employees to project a professional image. An employee must project an image of a knowledgeable business professional for customers who need professional services. The standard dressing for employees is a suit, a skirt, a jacket and pants or a dress with minimum and appropriate accessories. Clothing that will show one's back, stomach, chest or underwear is not appropriate. It should be pressed and not wrinkled. Dirty and torn clothing is not acceptable as well as clothes that have offensive words, pictures or terms.

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