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Newly Evolved Korean Street Fashion

In the world every fashion state concentrates on their street styles. They create something trendy and stylish according to the features, complexion, height and tradition of that region. In Korea, the standard of beauty is actually different than others. Mostly girls are short heightening, fair and have small eyes. They look cute and pretty with their childlike features and short body type. Korean street fashion is now very much established to create a great impact on the world. Nowadays, Korean designers are struggling to introduce their tradition in a better way to move aside with other fashionable countries. And they are achieving their goals by increasing their standards and trends. Soon they get a vast platform in the fashion field just because of their creativity, uniqueness and mind sets.

The reason behind a success of Korean street fashion is their individuality and cuteness. They stylishly blend western touch and other trends in their conventional dresses. If you actually want to look different, cute and fashionable then I must say that Korean street style is best to carry. You simply enjoy their flairs, cuts, designs and colors. Korean girls prefer skirts, short frocks, baggy shirts and caps. They combine unique lighter tones in their dresses. Floral prints and leaves are usually used in their dresses and other accessories. Women like to wear straight soft pants with coats and shirts. Girls are short heightened but still I noticed that they won’t wear much heels. A simple flip flop, flats or sneakers are actually their style icon.

The other frequent fashion style of Korean’s girls is hair-band. They wear cute hair-bands decorated with butterflies, flowers or different colorful glitters that really make them distinctive. Long necklaces made up of pearls or other exciting beads are usually worn by women in Korea. The most attractive and interesting feature in Korean fashion is their style of make-up. They use very different, soft and amazing colors in lipsticks. I have never seen such shades in lipsticks what Koreans made for their women. All colors are so cool and nifty that you would love too after exploring them. You can apply any shade according to your face and dress but mind it that your make-up perfectly goes with your style.

Now move on towards hair styles and their shades. Koreans have fair complexion, so dark black color suits them the most. Mostly teenagers also switch to brown or blond. It also enhances their features. They generally go for curls instead of straight hairs. Korean street fashion is now became every women’s priority.  An eye-catching designs and smart outfit can make you feel happy and confidence. If you want to look beautiful as well as innocent then you can carry Korean fashion for your personality.

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