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Themed weddings are in most part a reflection of the characteristics of the couples. Whereas there are those that are able to execute their respective themes correctly, some couples have just gone completely wrong in the kind of theme they choose to accomplish on their wedding day. They have taken the love for their personalities to strange heights as a result unusual wedding themes are not hard to miss. I am sure you have heard of some of the unusual wedding themes but this recap will surely tickle you. This wedding theme dubbed Shrek and Princess Fiona wedding tops them all.  These couples were dressed in the Shrek and Fiona costumes including the red braided ponytail for the bride and the ogre like ears for Shrek. Their faces were green!!! How would you even agree to such a theme on your wedding day? If you have watched this cartoon you know what I am talking about, and if you haven’t make a point of and you will drop with laughter. Imagine cycling your way across the pew to the altar and then cycle around the park or garden in your wedding dress and your husband beside you on another bike? Travel themed wedding are unique but this one is bizarre. Still on the travel themes is another of the unusual wedding themes, the star trek wedding theme. We all love to go to space sometime (if your safety is guaranteed) but wearing the star trek costume on your wedding day is odd. Such themes are best left for costume parties or Halloween but for a wedding do not even try. Not all unusual wedding themes are to the negative side. Some are actually not that bad of an idea, just a strange one.   Exchanging your vows to each other while having a couple of sharks circling around the cage you have been locked in is not how most couples wish to spend their wedding day. But still there are those craving for such adventure. A couple in New York took their vows in a shark tank. It’s a crazy idea right? But at least they had taken precaution by having the right scuba paraphernalia and were locked in a steel cage. Those unusual wedding themes might have been the ones that the couples wanted. Even so the whole execution is something that is unexpected in the wedding arena.

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