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Model Street Style - Statement of Being Fashionable

Street style is the fashion which people adopt and bring it to the streets and the fashion which doesn’t make it to the streets is not real fashion. However there are many street styles which people adopt from various fashion shows or celebrities. Looking beautiful and amazing in parties only is OK but the real fashion statement is what you make in your daily life and that is achieved through your very own street style. The question is about your taste in the fashion that what you like to adopt as your daily fashion statement. Many people are inspired from the model street style, what is your inspiration?

The love for model street style in the hearts of many people is justified because the models’ style is the most well versed style on the streets because it is tackled creatively and innovatively by the designers. It is not wrong to say that there are many brains working behind the style statement of models and if you really want to be the one on the streets then stealing a little of their creativity is not a bad idea. However there are many styles roaming on the street but your inspiration should be practical.

It is not appropriate to adopt all the fashion roaming around you but you need to hold on to only that fashion which goes in accordance with your personality. The models are so obsessed by the overcoats and why not because coats add decency along with glamour in your dress up. Overcoats are a clever thing to be added in your fashion because they make a very casual dress look formal and this way you can manage to be casual and formal at the same time. The real issue for girls is to dress up for their work and adding overcoat over a dress can solve this issue whereas you do need to take care of the weather around you.

The model street style also focuses a lot on the bags and the shoes as these both things matter in your dress up. Wearing a dress paired with a perfect match of shoes and bag makes the complete dress up whereas skipping even one thing out of these can prove to be a very bad idea. You can always keep track of the fashion that what is in the trend and what is out regarding shoes and bags as well. So be ready to rock the streets with your model like dress up.

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