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Mischievous and Funny April Fools Day Jokes

April fool is the day to spread fun all around you and April fool spent without planning any prank is like wasting a grand day of naughtiness and enjoyment. If you think that you have gone really boring these days then you can plan to turn the things upside down and tell people that you can be actually very mischievously funny. It is a plus point if people think that you are boring and sober because then they will not be expecting any prank from your side and you can fool them really easily. If you are short on ideas then funny April fools day jokes can help you to build up the naughtiness in your mood so that you can come up with outshining ideas.

One of the very common and clever funny April fools day jokes is proposing a girl you have a secret lifelong crush on. You can easily go to the lady of your dreams and tell her how much you love her and when you do not see any positive reaction then you can simply find your way out by saying happy April fool to her.  The April fool’s day might not be a good day if you are extremely serious about that girl because if she is already aware of this prank then even her yes can turn into no.

However it is the best day to try on your luck because you can always guess something positive or negative (if your luck is turned upside down) and then plan about your future that what you should do next. Just forget your serious love story here because your siblings, friends and acquaintances are there waiting to get fooled so hit on your favorite funny April fools day ideas and list down the one you like the most.

If you want your prank to get successful then it is recommended that you stick to the most uncommon ideas because your target will not be aware of that already and he can easily come under your trap. However if you are planning to get married on 1st of April then your families might think that it is an ironic joke for the lifetime. Well it was just one of the funny April fools day jokes while you can make a lot of such jokes if you are naughty in your personality. Keep in mind that the people you are fooling are your own friends and family so take care and have fun.

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