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Miraculous Red Weddings Theme

red weddings theme

Red is a traditional color which is used in mostly marriage event and looks very beautiful. Similarly red weddings theme is very popular and has many attractions in it. No doubt when you use red color in an artistic way it seems extraordinary and gives loving sensation. There are many colors which you can combine with red color to enhance the beauty of your marriage celebration such as white, black, pink, yellow and green. You can choose any color of your choice. Select red and pink color for your special event and do all decoration with these two colors. Baby pink color ever gives softness when it is combined with red, best creation of colors blend is produced. Table decorations are the main setting, use pink table cover and seats cover of the same color. Keep red centerpiece on the table and sprinkle red roses around it.

red weddings theme 1

Red wedding theme is selected for its unbelievable prettiness that attracts everyone present in the party. Invitation cards would be of pink and red color in such a way that pink shade will be used as a base color and red print will increase the beauty of cards. Red bridal suit always forms a romantic appearance of the bride, pink embroidery is ideal on red wedding gown. Pinkish makeup gives the fairy look to bride, garnish bride’s hair with red rose. Focus on the reception because it creates good or bad impact on the guest. Use large plants for the setting and place red flowers on it or you may arrange red flower plant. Flowers are the essential part of every celebration; red rose and China rose are the main flowers which are used in the red theme. Red color has a large variety in it and if you make contrast of red and white it is marvelous.

red weddings theme 2

Red and white wedding theme is also very popular you can opt for your wedding day. The most important is that use red color as the main color and pink as secondary color if you avoid vibrant color everywhere in the event. Make a bridal bouquet of lilies, roses, daises, jasmine and mogra of large size and give to bride. She will dress up with white long frocks with same color delicate lace and red pumps to complete the wedding theme. But the hairstyle will decorate with red rose. Pink is a very peaceful color and when used in red weddings theme gives whimsy look in an event.

red weddings theme 3

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