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Men Hate These 3 Fashion Styles

You may befollowing this season’s fashion styles now to shop for new clothing and sharingit with your close girlfriends. However, you also may have no clue that yourpartners like boyfriend, husband or male colleagues hate those fashion styles. “What?Really? Why?” You may ask. The answer is very simple that men are from Mars andwomen are from Venus. Men have different fashion opinions from ours.

Most of time, menalways accept women’s choices and show their respect. However, we cannot blowour first date with such good man just because we are not aware of theirfashion tastes.

Below are 5fashion styles which rock now but not all men love it as we do. Be wise to wearthem in different occasions.


Peplum getsstylish recently. It features nice waist definition and lovely curves. Waistlineperfectly built and much flesh around belly gets covered under nice curves. Manywomen think it as smart design or great trick. But for men, they have differentopinions. They think that detailing redundant and do not gives sexy or slimsilhouette for girls.

Shoulder Pads

They were verypopular in fashion field decades ago. Some women still love such a decorbecause of vintage style, masculine accent as well as different flair. However,in men’s mind, it is definitely old-fashioned and looks like linebacker.Surprised?! Yes, men are so different from us.

High Heels

Personally, Ido not love high heels at all, not because I have perfect height. The onlyreason I never wear high heels are due to its harm hurting to my feet. Evenwear lower heels, I feel uncomfortable especially after long day wearing. To behonest that I have to admit that heels pumps have their glamour, bring bettersilhouette for women as long as you wear right one and make wearers feelconfident. That’s why many women crazily fall for high heels. Unfortunately,men dislike it especially when you are in close relationship. Your partner maythink more for your feet health and your mood than how you look in high heels.They hate to hear your complaints caused by high heels and worry you fall byaccidents. To let your boy worry less, add sneakers, flats and appropriateheels to go out with him!


It is hard tosay since when mixing prints rock everywhere. I plan to buy one. But when I askmy husband, I was surprised at his reply to clashing prints. He thinks that iscomplex, messy and not beautiful at all! I do not know what to say but onlything I am certain sure is that such prints are disaster for men’s eyes. And ifyou start to see somebody, do not wear such prints to test his aesthetic taste.He may fail your test and you will lose second chance to date with him.

Now, you knowmen’s fashion taste. Guess you will never wear wrong dress at importantoccasions.

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