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Memorable Celebration with White Wedding Theme

White color is the most impressive color for many people and really it looks marvelous therefore you have noticed the white color for most of the bridal dresses. If you have selected white wedding theme, it is a great idea and it will give pious look to your wedding. Combine any suitable color with white and make your event romantic. Generally, black color is used with white color to create the best combination but it is not a necessary rule and you may other colors too. But do not blend a color without seeing its affects because white is a delicate color in nature and improper matching may affect its sensitivity.

white wedding theme

When you select white wedding theme it does not mean that you will use only white color everywhere in the party. Think which color is your favorite and use the light shade of that color because light color when combined with white gives elegant affect to the party. For example you can match baby pink color with white and use it as the secondary color for the wedding arrangement. Cover table with white color and use pink centerpiece on it similarly, tie white seat covers with pink ribbon. You can also use pink net on the white tablecloth to look your party stunning.

white wedding theme 1

For a memorable wedding celebration only choose white wedding theme with a new color blend and make your marriage occasion chic and attractive. In bridal dress, white and baby pink may be used without any fear of an unimpressive party. Long heel pumps of pink color are ideal for bride and the pink and white jewelry gives extravagant appearance to bride and she feels herself a most loving personality of the day and when the guests certify , she feels proud for herself because every future bride want to look most pretty on his wedding day.

white wedding theme 2

Flowers are the main item of white wedding themes, pick lilies and some other flowers according to the theme and make different parts of the flowers collection, first put into vase and you will keep each vase with flowers on every table. Now prepare some bouquets of small size and keep for guests to say them thanks for attending your most important party. A big bouquet will be made for the bride and decorate it with glitter and diamonds, tie the bouquet with pink ribbon. Enjoy your party with the extravagant affects of white wedding theme with baby pink combination.

white wedding theme 3

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