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Meaning of Red Wedding Theme

Red has many meanings but if you put this color into your wedding day, all the adorable meanings rise above and start telling about the intensity. Red is never for love but about the true love, it is not for attraction but for the passion, red is not about closeness but about the intensity. Red is anything but about the extreme intense love and wedding is all about love, all about the hopes of leading an amazing, happy and good life, it is basically about the happy ending or you can say a fresh lovely beginning. So when it comes about selecting a wedding theme how can someone in real love ignore the red wedding themes?

red wedding theme

A perfect marriage is about the flowers and perfect flowers are roses and there is nothing like a red rose. If we start counting on our five senses, let’s just consider if your marriage smells pleasant, fresh and intense like a red rose, it tastes like grapes like something addictive, it sounds like a romantic love song which leaves your thoughts nowhere but in the pleasing, majestic dreams, it looks like something royal and grand and finally what else do you need if your wedding feels like love.

red wedding theme 1

A red wedding theme can give all pleasures of five senses that I just discussed and if you achieve this, there could be nothing as complete as your wedding. A perfect wedding is wedding which has power to make people fall in love and if your wedding has the power to make people fall in love, there you have just got the best wedding ever and if just a red colored marriage can do this for you so easily what else you really need then.

Red Wedding Theme 2

Marriage is all about completeness, if it is complete you have just got everything in your life and wedding is the very beginning of the married life, it is not just about making the day great but it is about fulfilling the vows taken at the wedding day. Vows are not about announcing and showing off in front of everyone, vows are to be taken care of for the rest of the lives. A perfect atmosphere is needed for the perfect vows which needs to be fulfilled simply perfectly for the rest of your lives, so if you have got love and intensity around you, you will be eager to fulfill them for the rest of your lives because red won’t let you forget the vows, red won’t let you forget to love till the end of your life.

Red Wedding Theme 3

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