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Masquerade wedding theme - A Memorable Concept

A day to relish for the rest of your life and a unique idea of a Masquerade wedding theme may just be the right kind of blends you would want on such a special day. This can be a fantastic wedding ideas for the fun loving couple who may be in for a wonderful and exceptional moments of their life with all the friends and family. The venue for this theme will be a big plus to create such atmosphere. A vintage building or some castle like house can be a good option. It may important to note that the interiors and the entrance of the venue should have some kind of rustic look or to be precise, like an old film set. To suit the Masquerade wedding theme, the décor can to be done accordingly. Antique and vintage items from your own home or from friends can be brought to keep at different locations in the venue. Stripped wine bottles and lots of candles may add to the décor as well. An old photo booth may also be a good option to bring in the effect of 1920’s. A projector can be set with songs from old movies such as Georges Mellie’s film songs, which can pair appropriately with the old film set, if acquired and decorated as mentioned earlier. Mask can also be a part of the decorations to make it a masquerade celebration. Peacock feathers can be used to make  wedding centerpieces , putting them in the tulip shaped tall vases.

  Wedding dress for Masquerade wedding theme may also be in according with the theme. You can go for some vintage inspired, opulent and unique. Dress may have some ivory beaded lace, some silk and some chiffon and can be custom made by an expert fashion designer. You may also like to go for a beaded purse, looking like the one from 1920’s. The bouquet can be made from the tissue flowers, antique brooches, dried flowers and feathers.The invitations also may be sent, printed on the masks.Mask for the couple may not be the same kind. Bride can go for some customized one with feathers of ostrich and albino peacock. For the bridegroom, along with a vintage suit and bowler hat, mask can be made from the ostrich skin leather and straps.To make the guests sync with the couple and the theme, masks can be given to the guests as favors or gifts.  

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