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Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme For A Royal Wedding

If you are looking for a unique wedding theme, then you can select Marie Antoinette wedding theme. As you all know that Marie Antoinette was a famous queen of Austria who married at the age of thirteen to Louis Augusta. She was always known for her beauty and personality. She celebrated her marriage in a grand way, wearing proposing attire.

If you are planning for a Marie Antoinette wedding theme, then you have to prepare for many aspects of the marriage. You might have heard the famous preposition ‘Let them eat cake’ that was believed to be uttered by Marie Antoinette and hence you can introduce this special cake in the marriage party. You can celebrate your Marie Antoinette wedding with lots of pastels, wigs and pacifiers.  Marie Antoinette wedding is a royal wedding theme.  You can present the pendent necklace brooch that was presented to Marie Antoinette during the wedding.

The wedding cake can be decorated in a possible luxurious way. You can decorate the cake with ornate. You can keep for display the various items that are meant for décor such as festoons, candles, flower vases, pillows etc. Table decoration may include topping the table with flowers. You can arrange for a versatile place and if you are residing in France, then you can wonderfully arrange marriage in a Palace. Marie Antoinette was married in Versailles in France. You can also arrange for delicious cookies that were liked by Marie Antoinette.  You can also arrange for wonderful cupcakes that are brooch shaped. You can also arrange for sweet and saucy cupcakes.

You can also arrange for a special flower arrangement on the cake table and on the dining table with pale pastels, feathers and they should be placed in a ceramic vases.  You can also arrange for a special ring boxes that were used by Marie Antoinette.  You must arrange for a special girl baby shower dessert table. You can arrange for a special cake of various types and shapes. You must arrange for a separate dessert table.  The best way that you can celebrate a Marie Antoinette wedding theme is by arranging a pink party on a green lawn. If you want to arrange for a Marie Antoinette wedding is by arranging for more desserts, sweets and other delicious sweet recipes.

You can wear the type of attire that was worn by Marie Antoinette on the day of her wedding. You can dress up in white attire. 

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