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Many New Years Traditions You Might Want To Remember

With the arrival of the new year, also reach our desire for better days, and new years traditions kept alive our hopes, so this is your chance to make "magic" to have a better year. Remember the below:

  • Broom: home symbolizes expel bad vibes, sorrows and negativity. Barre with a broom from the front door to the street.

  • Photo with ribbon: If you want a certain person to give you their love, tied with a red ribbon and a picture of him that night sleeping with it under your pillow.

  • Lentils: It has to do with abundance, prosperity and economy throughout the year. Eat a spoonful of lentils when the clock strikes 12 a.m.

  • Cleaning house: represents remove bad energies and attract better things in your life. On 31 beam cleaning throughout the house, get rid of what no longer serves and receives the year with a completely clean home.

  • New years traditions Wishlist: To make all your dreams come true, make a list of wishes and solutions to your problems, fold the paper and open at 12 pm.

  • Lights on: it relates to your home radiate prosperity and success all year . Get the year with all the lights on in the house.

  • Suitcase: it smbolizes travel in the coming year. Get out of the house carrying a suitcase, or your desire to travel are many, take a walk around the block. If you travel with your love, turn around the block together.

  • Table decorated: Put your best tablecloth, dishes and cups corresponds to prosperity. Having something gold on the table is to not miss the money. The red candles are equivalent to not miss the love in the family .

  • Golden coins: If you do not run out of money next year, put on a red 13 gold coins purse and have it with you all through dinner.

  • Currencies: refers to good fortune and prosperity. Save 12 coins the same name and for the arrival of the new year throw them to heaven.

  • Burnt Paper: If you want to delete the negative things of the past, one of the best New years traditions is to write on paper and burn it to not be repeated in the new year.

  • New clothes: It implies that all year do not miss new clothes. Try new fashion trends for the year.

  • Sit and stand: If you want to attract marriage, sit and stand on each of the 12 chimes of the clock.

  • Chair or ladder: For the next year's continuous ascent, climb on a chair or on a ladder. This is one of the most popular New years traditions!

If any of these rituals do not work, at least you've burned calories, menu changed , premiered clothes and had a clean house. Also, learn what not to wear during the holidays and find out all regarding christmas dress up.

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