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Make Your Wedding Exquisite With Sophisticated Pink And Grey Wedding Theme

A wedding is a day where we merge our love and happiness with each other. It is a day when we want everything around us to be as beautiful as our lives are becoming and as classy as our happiness. And that’s why everyone among us desire for an elegant and not a common wedding theme to show the world an exquisite wedding.

When you talk about elegance and class, there’s indeed one combination that comes in our minds it’s the most sophisticated yet simple, it’s the combination of pink and grey. The sweetness and vibrancy of the pink color and the simplicity of grey when combined in a sophisticated manner it creates such a beautiful contrast that enlightens and brightens the entire place. This combination is admired by everyone who wants a classy and sophisticated wedding theme.

Now even you can make your wedding as beautiful and classy as this sophisticated contrast by applying this as wedding theme on your special day. The best thing about this contrast is that you can choose any shade of the two colors i.e. pink and grey for the pink and grey wedding theme and combine them beautifully, as whatever shade you go for they’ll merge exquisitely because both these colors are indeed made for each other exactly like the couple of the wedding, mesmerizing.

Imagine the stunning wallpaper of the venue with lots of grey and pink wedding theme balloons lying beautifully on the floor. The pink and grey wedding theme ceiling décor along with the buntings, hanging on the wall and the ceiling will make it an alluring place.

And then the guest tables and the chairs contrasting with the theme and the table linens and tablecloths, displayed in a classy manner with vibrant shades of pink and gray, matching and contrasting the theme yet giving the classy theme some vibrant feelings. And the classy décor displayed all over the venue of your choice embossing the enlightenment of the place along with plenty of flowers, displayed all over the venue, the guest tables, sideways and some bouquet in the hands of the bride and the bridesmaids blooming the entire venue.

When talking about elegance, then it’s a must that the invitations have to be as classy as this theme. Therefore, you can go for some unique card and fill-in elegance with the pink and grey wedding theme.

Pink and grey wedding theme could work as it is contrast color of grey. The wedding is incomplete without the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Hence it is a must that their entire attire and accessory has to match the theme because without them even this elegant theme will be incomplete. So, you can design the bridesmaid dress as long classy, beautiful pink gown and their accessories can be of grey color.

Whereas the groomsmen can wear a grey colored tuxedo of whatever shade you desire, with a pink rose in their tuxedo’s buttonhole and a pink pocket squares inside their breast pocket, making them look as elegant as the theme. The groom can also follow the theme and dress-up same as the groomsmen or anything of their choice, as it’s not mandatory for them to follow the theme. The bride is an exception here, she can definitely wear the beautiful long white gown as every girl dream about. So, go on make your wedding high-class and fascination with elegance.

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