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Make your Travel Themed Wedding an Affair to Remember

Wedding is your special occasion where you want to say it with style and elegance. This occasion can also become your way of telling the world and your loved ones, who you are and a lot more about you as a person as well as a couple. In case you are both addicted to traveling and globe-trotting, or even a couple who love the outdoors and explore nature’s bountiful best, you can opt for a travel themed wedding.Travel themed wedding can be an excellent wedding theme for explorers or travelers or even who just love to enjoy the world from the safety and comfort of a couch. Moreover travel themed wedding can also be another option where you can open up the wanderlust of your loved ones through carefully decorated and designed venue and tables among other things.

You travel themed wedding can have huge possibilities and options to choose from. You can not only choose destinations, or mode of travel as your theme, you can also have countries and traditions to choose from. You can also have the option of choosing the time or period to represent your travel themed wedding, and design and decorate it from a vintage travel theme wedding to a space travel themed wedding or futuristic travel themed wedding.

You can not only name tables according to your favorite cities or countries, you can in fact divide the whole wedding area into different continents. You can use maps and pin table names and guest names as per your choice to design your travel themed wedding. You can also decorate the tables with the country’s flag and some details about the country or city. Adding a picture post card can be a mice idea. Also you can spice up the table with tit-bits of information and other travel related things. You can also add an old air-mail envelope to other stationary for better effect. Design the wedding invitation as a train or plane ticket or something like that and deliver in a old world air mail envelope. Use travel props to decorate the place, like old suitcases with lots of stamps, old waiting chairs and other similar trivial things. You can also decorate the interiors in some other theme like the interiors of Orient Express or that of a cruise deck for your travel themed wedding.

Using drifting wood signs or other props can be excellent ideas. You can use your imagination for favor gifts and their wrap ups. In case you want a specific country or city as your travel theme, you can also decorate according to their local tradition or custom. Also the fitting dresses can do wonders for your travel themed wedding.

Do not forget to arrange for a fitting transportation mode to match the travel themed wedding. A heart to heart talk with wedding planners and designers can really work wonders and make you travel themed wedding a cut above the rest and a unique affair

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