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Make Your Happy Thanksgiving Day A Celebration To Remember

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. It has become an American tradition.HappyThanksgiving Day means to give thanks to God for the good things, events and people in our lives. It is a day for families and friends to spend time together and enjoy. American families make this holiday memorable by saying a prayer of thanks during a special meal.

The meal often includes potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, stuffing and turkey .That is why it is also called Turkey Day.  People show their happiness by joining a parade held in most cities and towns. Happy Thanksgiving Day usually precedes Black Friday or also known as busy shopping day for Americans. It is also a great time to spend for trips and to visit a loved one. For me, Happy Thanksgiving Day is no doubt my second most important day to celebrate next to Christmas because I can buy good deals for Christmas dress up like fabulous jewelries, shirts or bags.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday. It is a five-day vacation for schools and universities. Private and business employees are given a holiday pay. Most of the offices allow their staff to enjoy a four-day weekend vacation. This will allow them to have more time to plan for the Holiday and check on the latest fashion, which is one of the holiday‚Äôs passions. You can watch parades and football games because American Football is an important part of many Thanksgiving Day ideas.  Thanksgiving Day celebrationhas caused traffic congestion and most streets are overcrowded for shoppers so it is important to wear comfortable clothes. Wearing shorts and T-shirts is the most proper attire to wear on this event.

Familyand friends spend time to gather and feast on traditional dishes. Good preparation and planning makes the meal successful. A happy Thanksgiving Daymeal is a perfect time to enjoy dining with your loved ones. You can set up an elegant presentation of some classic recipes and dress up your table with fine foods. Get ideas from chefs or any food columnists to help you plan your meal for the Thanksgiving Day celebration. Impress your guests by adding new ideas to the classic Thanksgiving menu. Presentable outfits will definitely add up color to the occasion. Saying grace at Happy Thanksgiving Day mealtime means very special to each family and this is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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