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Major Wedding dresses 2013 trends

A major change has been observed in the wedding dresses 2013 season. For the bride who is always fashion conscious will want to ensure that her dress is in line with the most current fashion trends. During this 2013 period, wedding dresses have adopted several styles and designs, including the long sleeve element of fashion. Other changes to be observed include having a keyhole back. The dresses are designed in that they don’t show off to much skin and at the same time look beautiful. Thus they have a hole at the back of the dress which is line with laces, and shows off just a little bit of your back and shoulders. Similarly, the lace has also been observed as a major trend in the wedding dresses this year. Teamed with tulle these laces create a beautiful look almost close to ballerina which is ideal for a dainty bride. Similarly this year you are looking to doing away with the traditional white and adopting golden or cream colors for your wedding dress. You can make it as subtle or as bold as you like. Similarly we have seen introduction and major incorporation of bows which can be placed anywhere upon the dress. Some have been seen down the train of the dress, some others on the waistline too, some also at the back, while still others can be seen near the top on the front of the dress. What actually makes them more different is their varying sizes, and this year trends, is that they appear to be larger. Another trend that has been in use in recent years, but has been widely used this year is the lace arms. These lace designs create that stunning look on the bride where it is necessary to cover the flesh. Similarly, floral, especially flowers in full bloom as compared to colorful flowers have been a major determinant of this year’s wedding dress trends. We are seeing whole skirts made of intricate floral pieces or in case you are not comfortable with the floral you can go for the lace embellished look or use the veil. In conjunction with the lace, jewels have been incorporated on the wedding dress as well. This makes it more dazzling and attractive. This trend has been borrowed from the Gypsy style wedding dresses and has seen 2013 dresses have simple jewels used on the sleeves to elaborate jewel coated bodices. These 2013 trends might be unique and at times found on their own rather than all at once, however you can choose to use one or more of the styles together.

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