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Magnificent and splendid Cinderella wedding theme

Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tales of all the times while in the fairy tale wedding themes there could be nothing better than a Cinderella wedding theme because wedding day is as dreamy as story of Cinderella because at that day you meet your love of life however the difference is that your love lasts its peaceful while Cinderella’s love was a bit complicated. You can go as dreamy as possible and manage to arrange a splendid Cinderella wedding because no doubt Cinderella wedding could be a dream coming true and it is going to be royal and magnificent and your guests will surely look forward to accompany you in your dream at your wedding day.

cinderella wedding theme 1

Start up by sending invitation cards to your guests and make sure that your guests get the idea about your thematic wedding so you can print a beautiful lost sandal and a horse cart to give them idea about your Cinderella wedding theme. Cinderella bridal shower theme should be an indoor wedding in a hall with heightened walls or into a palace to give it a royal look however the wedding should resemble to a royal dance boll.

cinderella wedding theme 2

In your wedding wear a very heavy dress and grand dress either it could be of white color or it could be golden colored however I would suggest you to wear a golden color and add dull yellow lighting at your wedding  so that your dress synchronizes with the lighting and you shine out at your wedding. The groom can dress up like a Cinderella prince and go amazingly royal in the majestic wedding while flower girls have a chance to go wicked in Cinderella wedding and look as beautiful as they can according to the theme here they can use same colored dress as of bride.

cinderella wedding theme 3

The cake of your wedding could be a fondant made in the shape of a castle whereas you cannot skip on the horse cart and manage a beautiful cart and use it for the bride to enter the reception whereas the same cart could be used for the bride and groom to leave the reception. The interior décor will look great if gems are used in it to make the wedding look lavish and prestigious whereas it is going to be a fairytale Cinderella wedding so put special interest in your shoes and wear shiny golden colored or silver colored amazing looking sandals as Cinderella fairy tale is based on shoe only.

cinderella wedding theme

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