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Magical Cuba honeymoon trip


Cuba is a bright and sunny colorful flowers, rich country, here can fully enjoy the scenery of the Caribbean sea, feeling the hospitality of local residents and share the happiness together with your own eyes see here to capture all the good things. Natural and cultural great charm, let you can't resist to this fabulous beautiful country explore mysterious legend, understand ancient myths and free the temptation of adventure.



Sunshine and fresh air colorful Cuban island is you enjoy the scenery of the Caribbean the most appropriate place. Here has a variety of species and good land and ocean biosphere, for as long as 330 days of sunshine duration, wonderful magic natural charm will attract you a fantastic and memorable adventureclip_image003


On gode avila this piece of land which provide us with a visit to LeiDong of lake opportunity, here is the paradise of the fishing fans. Milk lake is the country's largest fresh water reservoir or we can go to the Asia fiorentina, beautiful natural scenery. Here we can walk through the cave, cliffs, and feel the Cuban farmers' true heritage. This piece of flowers and green grass of the world, is the best preserved natural landscape Cuba's place, she has become the Caribbean region and one of the world's most attractive place clip_image005

Trip to Cuba for those who can feel the breath of the people it would be a wonderful adventure sports. You can use different ways to appreciate this pure authentic local scenery, such as: travel around the island, cave tourism, photography field trips, and hiking or riding sightseeing. In different time can let you see different colour, smell unforgettable flowers, let you have a memorable trip to nature.clip_image006


The surface of the blue on the mirror can't built and kilometers of motor vehicle track and more than 2000 square meters of the bridge, from Cuba of northern d kerouac LABS card the tile even start, at present can reach the Santa maria, the latest expected to get to king's garden.


In this trip, you will find that such a picture 13 km in length, width of 11 km beach perched swarms of flamingos, gulls and cormorants. Long chain is the Caribbean coral in the most beautiful a scenery line. Until a few years ago there were only rodman and natural scientists yearning place, and now people can see here the world's best ecological protection. In the island walk, you can feel soft and clean white sand kind.


Today's coconut island has long 22 kilometers beach, it is a green blue sky, clear water ShaBai human fairyland. Coconut island waters around the Caribbean sea is Cuba and north of the most important aquarium. On the island of vegetation can be found in a large number of pink flamingo, it belongs to the animal families reptiles and software class.


In addition to outside Havana, Cuba all the provinces have been to some islands have jurisdiction. Some of the island through the Marine electric car and land connected, Cuba's own tourism and natural charm also will increase. From a bird 's-eye view, dotted islands and the outline of blue water, become a ravishing picture. This star is known as the pearl of the Caribbean country can provide you with a piece of high quality pure beach, let you enjoy all the sea movement. The beautiful scenery of the beach and original inland let Cuba became a pieces of nature's treasures, here you can really realize what is life.

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