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Magical Colour for Weddings Theme

The first thought that pops up in your mind while you see a rainbow is the beauty of colours, isn’t it? The VIBGYOR on the horizon of sky creates a majestic scene. The beauty of colours can be your biggest inspiration to stage a wedding on color theme. While deciding of colour for weddings theme, you have plenty of choice. Below are some colours which are all time favourable to be used in wedding as a theme: Black The first colour that comes in mind while you think of dark shades is ‘black’. Only black, black and plum, black and pale pink, black and white or black and blue, irrespective of the pattern of black color for weddings theme that you choose black create an aura. Black wedding theme is always in trend. It is a sophisticated and amazing colour to be used in decoration of the wedding venue. Blue Sky blue, dark blue, sea blue, icy blue and there are many more shades of blue which you can use in your wedding as a theme. The lighter shades of blue as sky blue creates a picture of calm and quiet environment just like the sea shore in mind while the darkest shade of blue creates a picture of lavishness. The darkest shade as purple is the symbol of royalty. Red Red is the passionate and lovable colour. Everything which is red in colour including the red rose and red heart symbolize deep passion and love. The best thing about choosing red as a colour for weddings theme is that you can find plenty of decoration material for the venue. You can use red rose, red candies and red ribbons. You can pack the favours with red packing cover. Red wedding gown, red colour bow and red colour tie are most easy to find in the shopping centre. Red lipsticks, red nail prints, purse and shoes are available in abundance. Almost every brand has dresses and accessories even the perfume bottles in red colour. The demand for red never falls. Red is popular in every season be it summer, winter, spring or fall. Red is favourite for most for theme wedding favors wrapping even. White White needs no introduction and no reason to relate to its popularity chart. Now this is the most popular color of wedding gown. Dressed in white gown and wearing a white veil to cover the head, the bride looks no less than a real life princesses. Using white colour for wedding themes make the event elegant.  

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