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Mafia Wedding Theme For Movie Lovers

As you know that Mafia is the king of dons and he is one of the popular figures in movies. Many people are fascinated by the Mafia movies. So if you choose a Mafia wedding theme, then you surely can find many visitors for your marriage.

If you want to choose Mafia wedding theme, then you must refer to the movies of the 60s.  The bride groom can perfectly dress up in Mafia style and the bride can also wear some accessories that the Mafia heroine wears.  If you are choosing this theme, you can still choose many other themes such as Whitney and Chase theme, Italian theme, Black and White theme, etc. If you decide for a black and white theme, then the Mafia wedding would still look amazing.

If the bride groom is perfectly dressing up like a Mafia, then the visitors can dress up perfectly like the followers of Mafia. They can wear formals and ties and wear the cap that is usually worn by the underworld team in movie.  You can still make the wonderful arrangement in the hall, if you choose the Mafia wedding theme. The bride groom can present for the wedding by carrying an artificial gun in his hand.

If you are choosing the Whitney and Chase style, then you can choose to prepare a pink lemonade cake for the decoration.  This wedding looks wonderful especially during the winter season.  The groom and the visitors should wear black colored caps so that the marriage ceremony is solemnized very much like the Mafia style.

You can decorate the dining table and the cake table with flower pots or flower vases. Preferably, you must place the rose flowers in the pots. Anybody, who enters the wedding hall, must feel that he has come to watch the movie.

If you are choosing a black and white wedding theme for wedding for Mafia theme, then you must preferably celebrate your marriage during the evening time during the sunset time.

You can still make the event more meaningful, by choosing various other themes such as 60s wedding theme , 1920s, etc. Usually the Mafia movies were very popular during the 1920s and hence you can borrow many ideas by watching the movies of the 1920s. You can choose various accessories such as artificial guns, veils, robes, knives etc.

You can arrange for a rock concert also and you can find many visitors.

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