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Look Glam In A Dressy Casual Dress Code

In every event we all want to look great and glamorous and not to be out of style. In every occasion there is a dress code that is required by the host. One dress code that a host would prefer to a party is a dressy casual dress code. With this dress code most women are confused on what to wear that they do not want to attend a family or a friend's party being underdressed or overdressed. A dressy casual dress code is more on the casual elegant side. It can be in between formal and casual attire combined into one. Now that you have the idea on what a dressy casual dress code is you still need to consider some factors like the time, location and the theme of the party.

Time is so important before choosing a dressy casual dress code. If the event is held in daytime you can wear casual clothes, in the events or occasions held in the afternoon you need to be more dressy and evening events is for formal attires. In the morning event, you can wear bright colored casual dress code in knee length high paired with fashionable shoes and simple set of jewelries. In the afternoon event you can wear silk shirts and trousers. Skirts and pants suits are considered is appropriate clothing that you can wear.

For evening event, a dressy casual dress code can be a black tie optional dress code where you can be on the formal side but still you can opt to wear formal cocktail dresses. Wear soft colors on your makeup or go for a natural look.  Jewelries can be used to add more beauty on your attire but it must be kept at a minimum and avoid wearing too much jewelry. For your hairstyle you can loosen your hair to look cool and comfy. The shoes to wear are can be chic flats and semi-formal heels.

Well coordinated attire will make you look perfect in a dressy casual dress code. Always follow the dress code style as not to offend the host that is why you need to know the don'ts in what not to wear tips in a dressy casual dress code. In an occasion with a dressy casual dress codeyou should not wear t-shirts and denim jeans. You should not wear long cocktail dresses or evening gowns because these are formal attires. Do not wear heavy or loud makeup and stiletto shoes.

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