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Look Chic And Sporty In A Country Club Casual Dress Code

A country club is operating for its closed membership that is why it is called a private club. Its location is in the rural areas or in city outskirt and has a variety of recreational activities for its members such as tennis, golf, swimming and polo. A country club has a bar and restaurants where you can unwind. They also cater events like wedding. In a place like this you need to observe the country club casual dress code. Members do not go to country clubs in rugged outfits wearing jeans and shirts with logos because it is not allowed that is why you need to follow the dress code clothing.

For country clubs both men and women and even children should wear country club casual dress code when they go to the dining room to have breakfast and lunch. Country club casual dress code can be worn before 7 pm like luncheons, brunches and for casual dinners. The best materials to use for a day wear in a club are light fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and silk. Acceptable attires for women to wear are dress capris, business slack or dress shorts that must only be 5 inches above the knee. For the tops women can wear blouses, sweaters, high quality t-shirts and tailored shirts. You will not be allowed to wear denim jeans or shorts within the premises of the club.

When you want to swim in the swimming pool, play golf and tennis you are required to adhere to the country club casual dress code. Wearing inappropriate dress code is strictly prohibited to use the recreational facilities. If you want to go swimming you must wear a bathing suit that is not vulgar and the swimwear must cover the breasts, genitals, buttocks and the pubic region. See-through swimwear and thongs are prohibited.

When you want to play golf you must wear the golf attire by wearing a mid thigh length shorts with a 5" inseam. For the tops, you can wear sleeveless collared shirt. If you want to play tennis you are required to wear tennis skirts, tennis shirts and tennis dresses. In all country club you need to strictly follow the country club casual dress code that after swimming in the pool you need to change before you proceed to another area in the club.

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