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London Street Style - Other Side of Fashion

The London street style is completely different direction of fashion as people there are lovely and so there fashion is. London is a metropolitan city as there are people from many different backgrounds living in this city. This fact makes the fashion of London very versatile and unique as you can see different colors of world submerged into one dress. Residents of London are rather happy people who love to play with happy colors. The street style of London manages to be the most colorful yet decent and beautiful street style out of all. The weather of London is however a positive point to manage a good fashion statement amongst the masses of this city.

You can see a lot of prints on the dresses of London street style whereas girly frocks are preferred by girls more than jeans and shirts there. London is a place where girls love to dress whereas their dressing portrays feminism and beauty. A girl carrying attractive cell phones and beautiful handbags is the style of London while the girls try to maintain a casual behavior rather than professional. The dressing style of girls is not so formal yet they dress in a way that they can easily wear those casual dresses to their work place.

Highlighting few street girls of London will give you a better idea of what London fashion speaks about. Wearing a jeans overcoat without any bottom is one street style of London whereas this can be paired with beautiful shoes which can be medium heeled. The other style is wearing a-symmetrical frock which is knee length and covering it with an amazing overcoat. However the frock will be printed with happy colors like red and blue. The other style is wearing a jumpsuit and then covering it with a contrast colored or same colored sweater or a cardigan.

The London street style is somehow what I discussed above however there is more to it. If you want to go a little professional then you can wear a stretchable lace shirt over jeans and with overcoat. It is not important that you stick to what I have discussed in this essay but you can research more about the street style and then try your very own choice of fashion. As I already told you that London is a metropolitan city and this makes it easy for you to experiment any fashion at all according to your likes and dislikes.

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