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Let the Fragrance of Flowers Spread With Garden Wedding Themes

You have your wedding coming up and you can’t think of the perfect site for the festivities? Well, if you love nature and the flowers fragrance filling up the air you can have a wedding which is simple and elegant at the same time. You don’t have to rush for the booking of the halls or the churches; you can find the perfect location for your wedding in your vicinity. Yes, I am talking about the garden wedding themes.

garden wedding themes

For arranging a garden themed wedding, you have to search your area for the prettiest garden. It can be anywhere; even your backyard is good enough if you have taken good care of it in the past. This type of wedding will help you save a lot of money which you can spend for your later life with your mate such as your honeymoon. How this wedding helps save you some money? By the little décor you would need when you already have the nature helping you decorate the location for you. If your wedding is in the season, when spring is just around the corner, you would find the perfect colored flowers blossoming and there would be no need to decorate the location any further. The young flowers fragrance will enhance the romance which will set up in the air by your wedding.

garden wedding themes 1

When it comes to food, you don’t have to be very careful about the food items to serve, as it’s a light wedding in the garden, you can serve just anything to them. Start with appetizers and then lead to the main course which can include sandwiches, pastas, meat and chicken. You can make it memorable by arranging a special dance floor, but don’t forget to make a rule that everyone has to dance regardless of the age. So the breeze of spring season is felt by everyone.

garden wedding themes 2

When it comes to garden wedding themes, you can still wear the traditional white frock but to give it a more colorful look you can make floral pattern embroidery of different colors like peach, pink or even red around the waist or you can simply get a tiara made of colorful flowers. Choose clothes for your bridesmaids; encourage them to wear red, blue or yellow so that the combination of nature and bold colors make everything looks brighter and happier. The groom can wear his usual three-piece suit with a bold colored tie. Be economical and go for elegance and simplicity!

garden wedding themes 3

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