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Learn What Is Christmas And Enjoy The Holidays

What is Christmas? There are many traditions surrounding this holiday, here you have the most important and well known ones. Christmas Carols are folk songs handed down from generation to generation, most are with Christian messages or talk about family togetherness. One of the best known carols everyone is Silent Night, translated into almost every language. Nativity or cribs are representations of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, usually models that represent the place of birth and with each of the characters that are in the Bible, Joseph, Mary, the three wise men and Jesus. This tradition was invented by St. Francis of Assisi, in many countries such as Chile, Mexico and Argentina the figure of the baby Jesus is not placed until midnight.

Ideas for Christmas include the Christmas dinner and the tree that is way too important. There is a special dinner where everyone gathers around the table, are generally more elaborate meals, and depending on the country turkey dinner is usually cod or pork. As far as the Christmas tree is concerned, people usually buy a natural pine or plastic which is decorated with a series of ornaments, often made by the children of the house and then you get to turn on lights at night. Here are some tips for decorating the Christmas tree.

- Christmas Gifts: December 25 open and exchanged Christmas gifts last night were placed around the Christmas tree or of visitors arriving home that day. Remember to follow Happy Christmas dress code styles.

- Christmas Cards: A few days before and during the Christmas season is traditionally time to greet family and friends, both those who are near, and those who are far send postcards or Christmas cards.

If you want to learn more, you can find many videos and magazines exposing. What is Christmas. Truth is, this is a special occasion. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ took place in Bethlehem, a Palestinian village of about two thousand years ago. It is celebrated on December 25 and four weeks before Advent, i.e., a time of waiting and preparation takes place inside. The Christmas message is addressed to all people who populate the Earth, and then said the Angel announced to the shepherds the birth of Jesus: "Peace to all men of good will." But really has greater significance for Christians, whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox, as are those who believe that the Child born in Bethlehem, the Son of God. During parties, make sure you dress nicely by following coat and tie dress code guidelines.

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