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Learn from IT Girls’ Wedding Style

IT girls are those who show fancy dress in red carpet or runways manytimes. They are the synonymy with fashion, style and chic on and off stages.Then, what are their choices for big day in life. There is no doubt that, asfashion icons, they will not let us down. Let us learn from their bridal dresschoices.

Keira Knightley's Short Bridal Dress

Keira makes short bridal dress outstanding to the most. I never seethat short bridal dress could be so sweet and lovely. Before, I always worrythat it does not look traditional, formal or bridal-like. Nevertheless, Keiramakes all know how fancy and glorious short bridal dress is! So, if you have sexylegs, why not show them!

Lake Bell's Classic Bridal Dress

Lake’s choice is very different from others. Just as she said, I guessmy signature is sexy and eclectic but classic, her wedding dress is classiclike royal wedding style but with slim silhouette and funny multi-fringe layerswhich are not many girls flair. We have to admit that it is classic and fitsher.

Pamela Love's Every Day Bridal Style

I’ve never seen a bridal dress as Pamela’s. As she said, she wants tomix dark and light, high-end and every day, her bridal dress is the one thatdoes not look like wedding gown most. However, who could say it is notfabulous? Yes, Pamela gives us the best every day bridal style. Guess she couldwear big day gown whenever she wants. Overall, traditional dress is so big andcomplex that not easy to wear by oneself. Do you want to try such casual butstill high-end bridal gown?

Anne Hathaway's Sheer Gauze Dress

Anne chooses Valentino wedding dress. Airy sheer gauze embellishedwith floral details and strapless shoulder adds a touch of feminine and romantic sense.

Leandra Medine's Furry Bridal Dress

Leandra’s bridal dress is my favorite style. Dress tail adds fairytouch to the whole dress. Fringe and furry big tail is so lovely and adorable.No girl could refuse its glamour. Try giant tail bridal dress if your weddingis hold outside.

Those IT girls wedding dresses, which is your favorite? TBdress almost have all styles. Have a look and maybe you will get your dream tbdress wedding dress.

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