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Laugh Your Gut Off By Trying Some Great April Fools Jokes

April fool day might not be fun for everyone but for people who know how to make the most of every moment of their lives sure know the worth of 1st April. April fool’s day is the time when you get to play funny simple tricks on your loved ones to bring more joy to your same old dry life. Everyone needs a break once in a while and all it takes is full heart laughter to bring out all the stress out of your body. So it’s time to bring all of your great April fools jokes out and let your mind do the working.

It’s really not a big deal to come up with some great April fools jokes if being a little mischievous at times, is a part of your nature. A kid or an adult, there is no age limit to enjoy this day. April fools day ideas can be so much fun if it is done all in good humor. You can surprise someone with an unexpected gift or an unexpected prank. Some people takes it too the next level by taking their friends as a victim and tricking them with some really horrible ideas. Like scaring them by pretending to be ghost or simply switching the salt and pepper bottles, it all depends on you that how much fun you can come up with.

Even stay at home mothers can get their kids some giggles with great April fools jokes  by putting some food color in milk carryon and let the colors surprise their kids. Make some golly eyes on their stuff with marker and make them feel like eyes watching over them. You can even fool your husband’s by changing the tags between shaving foam and whip cream and let them shave with a creamy frosting!  You don’t need money or a lot of planning before you starts off playing your tricks. All you have to do is start off with one simple trick and rest will come on its own.

Some people have enough guts to fool the whole public by trying some great April fools jokes right on the public grounds. Don’t get easily fooled if you see a hundred dollar bill lying on the floor on 1st April. This all might be a part of a big trap that you might fall in. so, be ready to do something new on upcoming April fools day of 2014.

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