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Las Vegas Themed Wedding Favors Ideas For Your Guests

Whenever you are having a birthday party, either you have less guests or many guests, all of them have fun, they attend the whole party and some go in the middle due to dome reason. What you give them in return. Of course, you have to give them return gifts. If birthday parties have return gifts, then of course even weddings have. Here, they are called wedding favors and differ in every themes for a wedding. One of the trickiest wedding favors is Las Vegas themed wedding favors. Not tricky because of the lack of ideas but because of the overload of ideas and products that can be gifted as wedding favors to the guests by the bride and groom.

  • Casino related wedding favors

Las Vegas is famous all around the globe for its casinos. So it is obvious that a Las Vegas wedding theme should have many casino related ideas and of course also wedding favors. A mini slot machine ‘just for show’ is the most used thing as a wedding favor in this wedding theme.Coins are widely used in casinos; some personalized chocolate favored coins can be a good choice. Other personalized products such as lip balms etc. also are in wide use. Some personalized poker chips also are a very good idea, actually this is the newest idea arrived for this theme.

  • House decoration related to Las Vegas themed wedding favors

I these cases, picture frames are in most use. These wedding favor frames should be attractive and eye-catching. Not one, but two or three of these should be given as wedding favors. The frames can have some attachments such as bows and other things on it. Personalized glasses also are widely used as wedding favors in a Las Vegas wedding. These glasses can have pictures of hearts along with the names of the couple written on it.

  • Some Las Vegas themed wedding favors memories

A Las Vegas wedding will of course have some memories for the guests. Why not remind them with real Las Vegas related things. A pack of cards in the shape of hearts is a good idea. A picture of the guest with the couple on with the frame related with the wedding color theme. The meaning is to have a picture frame of the colors used in the wedding. Cocktails also are very famous in Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas cocktails are famous all over the world. A cocktail mixer glass can be gifted as a wedding favor.

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