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You wanted fun... then a Vegas wedding theme is the route to follow. While Paris is known for love, Vegas is known for fun and exuberance.  I am sure you have heard the phrase that you do not have to be at the beach to have a beach themed wedding or be at the country side to accomplish a countrified wedding. Well if you are planning to have a Vegas theme for your wedding then you have to be in Vegas. Recreating this atmosphere is possible but you cannot compare that to the real environment in actual Vegas. A majority of Vegas hotels and chapels offer wedding packages. For example the famous Shalimar chapel has up to five categories of such packages.  Sleek limousine rides for 6, fresh flowers and matching boutonnieres are some of the features of these packages. With the right amount of deposit paid, your wedding has just kicked off. There is a lot in relation to a Vegas wedding theme and simply comes down to what the couples are really interested in. Let us explore some of the wild fun themes that you can choose. Maverick helicopter sunset wedding is one to try. Your journey will begin with a limo ride to a location where maverick helicopter is waiting for the two of you plus 3 of your guests take you to the wedding destination, the Grand Canyon. If you have seen photos of this place then you know that is a perfect location for a wedding. The Treasure Island pirate ship theme is yet another fun way to say I do. You will board a pirate ship in the siren’s cave. If you love adventure then this the wedding package for you. You will have the 3 guests to accompany you to the ship and those not in attendants can have live streaming to their devices. Not to worry, the ceremony will be restricted to only those that you want.  Renting a yacht is costly but with a wedding wrap up from the Venetian hotel, you can tie the knot on a gondola in the middle of Vegas waters, with all the beautiful city lights all around you and your favorite love song playing.  When you choose a Vegas wedding theme, do not think anywhere close to the conventional marriage ceremony. Conduct a thorough search so find the most lucrative deals and trust me yours will be worth the money you spend.

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