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Know Your T shirts

T-shirts were accepted for the first time by miners in the late 1800’s as a suitable covering for warm surroundings .T-shirts turn out to be very well-liked in the United States after the stunning show of Marlon Brando in 1951’s making “A Streetcar Named Desire” where he was dressed in a tradition made T-shirt. Immense bulks of T-shirts are made of cotton. More than 2 billion T-shirts are put up for sale worldwide every year. Most costly new T-shirt was vended by Hanes, supporter of 1996 Centennial Olympic Games as a part of a finance raiser attempt in order to help kids from war frayed countries. The T-shirt was traded for 42.000 USD. Most costly T-shirt is of a Canadian hockey player who was wearing it when he achieves the winning aim in the last sport from an 8 series next to USSR in 1972. T shirt was lately auctioned for a whooping 1.275.000 USD . The world largest T-shirt was revealed on Fenerbahce Istanbul Sport Club sports ground. The house T-shirt of the club is 1 ton and 50 kilos weighty with 78 meters extended. First T-shirt switch at the end of a football game was witnessed at a game between England and France in May 1931.The globe record for wearing the most T-shirts at once is at present set at 183.Recently a group of scientists made up a T-shirt that is bulletproof, by treating a customary cotton T-shirt with boron, one of the toughest substances known to man; scientist state that this type of T-shirts will prevent a flying bullet. Cotton has been grown for more than 6,000 years. The term "T-shirt" first comes into view in the Merriam-Webster vocabulary in the 1920's. That's a lot of cash for some shirts! In 1939 the foremost promotional T-shirt was printed for the film "The Wizard of Oz  ". There are 35,000 cotton ranch in the U.S. and 98% percent of the cotton is grown-up in Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, , California, ,Mississippi, North Carolina, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas. T-shirts made from using cotton put off over five billion tons of textile squander from ingoing landfills each year. Top 5 Cotton Producing Countries (2009) are China: 32 Million Bales India: 23.5 Million Bales United States: 12.4 Million Bales Pakistan:  9.8 Million Bales Brazil: 5.5 Million Bales .It takes six miles of yarn to make one T-shirt. Mostly people prefer to wear T-shirts than casual shirts. These T-shirts are the best for giving gifts as well. Now the T-shirts have become the symbol of fashion as you look good after wearing it.

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