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Kiss Day- Do It with Style

The kiss day is again one of the most romantic days of the Valentine’s week where you can actually collect the courage to kiss your secret crush for which you have been dreaming all the time. It is your day and it is your chance, so do not let it go waste and hit your chance with the person who have taken over all the dreams of your nights making it hard for your sleep. Sometimes dreaming with open eyes seem more charming than dreaming with the eyes closed so this is the time to live your dreams by kissing him on the day specifically assigned for smooching around. Keep the track of the best timing when you can hit him and the best time is when he is not busy but free roaming here and there.

The kiss day should not end and start with a kiss only as you need to add in the charm of gifts in it while cards can also be a good idea. You can make lips shaped handmade cookies and gift it to your partner rather you both can share one cookie with him only as this is one of the best valentines day gift ideas. If you are not good in baking and cooking then let the bakery do it for you as they will surely be ready with these cookies to solve your problem. It is better if you place order initially as this will make sure that you are not going empty handed.

You should also be ready with the valentine day outfits because at the eleventh hour there is a greater chance that shops will be filled with leftovers only and wearing a leftover on the grand celebration of 14th of February is actually a very bad idea. Your outfit should be sensuously romantic as whatever arrangements you do for the day you should make sure that you are the best part of it while you can do this only by looking amazing while buying a brand new dress is mandatory.

The kiss day compiles for a lot of kisses but kiss shaped candies and cookies are a good option. Cookies are not the end of the game as you can also aim to buy heart shaped vanilla candles printed with a kiss me slogan. You can light these candles on the candle light dinner with your partner scheduled somewhere in the day or the week as well.

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