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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Selection

Junior bridesmaid is an important member of the bridesmaid team. She is so young to become a proper bridesmaid and too old for being the flower girl; however, her duties are also as important as the other members of her team. Junior bridesmaids are often more responsible than the senior members as they genuinely seek to make their selves as one of the best members of the crew. Selecting a perfect outfit for junior bridesmaid is as important as for the rest of the bridesmaids. Some simple tips for the choosing junior bridesmaid dresses are here to help you out.

If there is only one junior bridesmaid for the wedding, then she might wear a matching dress as the flower girl or the bridesmaids; depending upon her choice. If the bridesmaids are getting into a dark shade of blue with light-shaded bow-knot on the dress, then junior bridesmaid can wear a contrast dress with light-shaded gown and a dark-shaded bow-knot. A white gown could also be a great choice of junior bridesmaid dresses as it touches the flower girl and bride’s gown. With a floor-length white gown or maxi; the junior bridesmaid will just seem as angelic as she could be. There are so many shades that a junior bridesmaid can wear. Light shades of blue, green, or red; or just the matching dress like other bridesmaids would be just fine.

Junior bridesmaid dresses can vary in length. However, the variance in the length of the dress also depends upon the age of the junior bridesmaid. If the junior bridesmaid’s age is between 9-11, then its better to use a short knee-length dress, or a frock as compared to floor-length dresses. Floor length dresses look good on grownups and the junior bridesmaid would not be able to handle the long dress as perfectly as the other bridesmaids. The bouquet of the junior bridesmaid should match the ones in the hands of other team members. This will make her feel like as important and responsible as the other bridesmaids. A junior bridesmaid stands at altar so she also catches a lot of attention of the people attending the wedding ceremony.

It is good for a junior bridesmaid to not get as heavily dressed as the other bridesmaid. If the dresses of all the bridesmaids are identical, then a light nude makeup would be nice for the junior bridesmaid to give a soft and innocent babyish touch. A nice hairstyle is all that a junior bridesmaid would need to add the height of beauty to herself.

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