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A music wedding theme is gaining popularity not only to music lovers but also to those that simply want to have an extraordinary wedding. The first thing that you have to think about is the theme for the music wedding.  Generally a music wedding theme is based on the genre of music that the couple decides from rock, classic, jazz or country. Other couples choose to incorporate their love for all of those genres so as to have an all rounded musical theme. I would go for the later because it does not restrict your decor or wedding favors hence you have a wider variety of ensemble to jazz up your day. To start of the music wedding theme, let your man and his crew of friends makes a grand entrance by arriving in motorcycles.  There are numerous motor bikes to select, from the ones that were used in the olden days to the newer more sleek bikes. At the end of the vow ceremony, have the ladies hop on to the bikes with their male counterparts and head to the reception or photo area. Music posters of you favorite icons should not miss at the reception hall. If it’s an outdoor affair, hang or stick them on tree branches and trunks respectively. An arrangement of musical notes and balloons are also good to decorate the wedding. You can have these patterns at the arch way entrance to introduce the guests to what is awaiting them. Musical instruments themselves are a fabulous way to bringing the music wedding theme alive. Find shops that sell polystyrene cut outs or sealed instruments. Polystyrenes usually come in white but you can lightly spray on the material to create some notes that you love.  Both the cutouts and the sealed instruments are good to display as the centerpieces or hang on walls. A guitar shape with a cut out top can make a good vase to hold flowers. Use cassettes and records as place cards. After covering the table with the linen, beautify the runners by placing the records on top. music wedding theme Your guest will be eagerly waiting to see what the cake is made out of, so knock them out with an instrument inspired cake with notes embellishments. Real music instruments can also be used at strategic places. Hire a DJ or live band for the entertainment, the music wedding theme is not complete without the music.

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