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Ivory And Gold Wedding Theme For A Royal Wedding

If you are performing a grandeur marriage function, then you can choose ivory and gold wedding theme. Usually the people who are very wealthy and are celebrating a royal wedding, then they choose ivory and gold wedding theme. Many items that are needed for decoration are expensive such as the ceiling lighting, decorative lamps, large festoons etc. These items are ivory colored and hence they are very expensive. If you are using gold colored chairs and table, then you would be using metallic furniture that is very expensive. You can place gold colored chairs and tables and cushion the chairs with ivory colored cushions. The ivory colored items really add grandiosity to the ambiance.

You can place large flower pots on the tables with ivory colored flowers. The ivory colored flowers really look magnificent on the table. They may be placed in transparent glass flower pots, because the atmosphere looks still grand. The paper packing or the gift packing with ivory color is really an excellent idea. The ivory color looks elegant when on a gift box when it is tied with a golden satin ribbon.

If you are selecting an ivory and gold wedding theme for wedding, then use ivory color to decorate the marriage hall. You can use gold color to a smaller extent. If you are placing ivory colored furniture, then you can place gold colored plates or tissue papers on the plates so that the background looks ivory and gold. The ivory colored lighting looks fabulous on the ceiling. You can place golden colored pots on the table with ivory flowers and the decoration just looks fabulous. The combination of ivory and gold is indeed classy and the people who love grandeur marriages and love to celebrate their wedding with many people usually use this theme.


If you want to celebrate your wedding few people, then do not choose this theme. You can decorate the dining table, yet very beautifully with golden crystals. You can place them on the table for display. If you are choosing the gold and ivory theme, then you dress up in ivory colored attire and you can use accessories such as satin ribbon as a belt to your waist. You can tie your pony or plait for your hair with golden band.  You can send invitation to many people keeping in mind gold and ivory wedding theme

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