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Italian Wedding Themes Stand Out Distinctly

There are not very many themes that settle on places, one of those very few is the Italian themed wedding. This theme is widely used in hot regions or on some day of a hot season. In Italian wedding themes the couple, the guests, the flower girls everyone wears Italian clothes, eat Italian food, play Italian music and also the invited dancers also are Italian. Mostly the destinations where these weddings are arranged are Italian restaurants but many just like it in a big hall or outdoor garden. A wedding starts only if the guests have arrived in the wedding destination. Guests will only arrive if invited. Here is where all of us know what to do, ‘invitations’, beautiful wedding invitations to project an image of your beautiful wedding. An invitation in Italian designs and something interesting written in Italian which no one has to read but gives the idea that the wedding is going to be Italian. For those who can read it, it is better. Italian invitations can be in Mexican type colors i.e. sac like light brown with some damask page borders.The bride’s gown is white as in most weddings and wedding themes. Plain white is the type most preferred in Italian wedding themes, some black embroidery or damask can be used. The shoes are very high white high heels with some designs on it. Hanging ear rings can be used pearls ear rings are widely used in weddings based on his theme. The groom also can wear a plain white or black suit with a black tie and black formal shoes. Hairs of both, the bride and also the groom can make up Italian style and also Italian hairstyle. The cakes used in Italian weddings can be anything from a simple single flavored cake to an Italian culture inspired colorful cake. Laser printed cakes with Italian pictures, people and colors. Some build a cake in the shape of Italian buildings. Italian wine can be put instead of just simple wine. Guests can wear Italian clothes if they are willing to. Decorations of Italian weddings can be done without putting too much effort. Purple and white color combinations are widely preferred and used in this Italian wedding theme. Purple and yellow flowers and also purple color shade glasses. The table and chair clothes can be purple with some white ribbons and plates. Some black wine bottles can be used as candelabras with white candles in it.

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