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Italian honeymoon feel more beauty

This is a trip to an unprecedented trip, beyond all used to Italy's expectation and longing, this astonishing scene is still constantly emerge in mind, hard to shed. this piece of beautiful coast, is I to heaven recent imagination.

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In accordance with the mountain highway ask potential, the car in the steep climb out of the window, and a wong beckoning green color. The castle stands on the sea, green sun umbrella row upon row of sign appeared bucket big "Minori," the words, the first town is near the camino. Along with the many unique shape of the tree, the most famous two strains in the los garden Villa, and the church steeple together, become ROM postcard's pet. The famous were villa is hidden in the wooden door is made a big basin geranium. Push the door and enter into very beautiful flowers in full bloom like a raging fire, geranium, now here already for hotel use, the door long grass is green, have excellent seascape. Walking in the garden, everywhere dotted with pink flower, very pleasing to the eye. Go, there was a cloister, this just simply astounding, originally is the soul of the villa were in this - the whole armagh fe bay a panoramic view, the sea breeze blowing lifted, mountains d shallow, offshore vast falls, just now a steep incline worm line, but for now, so it is extremely ling mountains are small.


Since the camino the west, its promotion, all the way in the rearview mirror seascape gradually retreated, pieces of deep cui instead. Is terrace, full mountain is green, in gold urgent rain shadow, a rolling green sea. At the end of the terrace, the mountain town ravi ROM, although not known for, but there is no lack of the number of celebrity in this solitude - composer Wagner, Pope Charles I, and Jessie Kennedy. Raise the camera, suddenly feel the photo is unable to show the charm of the scenery. Has been in the 650 d shoot the short film, full hd quality of perfectly reduction with the beauty of the coast. Along with the large beautiful and high ISO sensitivity shooting also has less grain, let the two small town has beautiful fresh in my hard drives.


I have never seen such a strong jasmine tree, it built is just like a tree, whether the peach tree up or down the mountain, far I can smell the smell of it, in this kind of fragrance, no matter how led by rough road, no matter how long the steps, no matter how dark direction thing, as long as the smell of jasmine incense I knew, I live hotel is just ahead. Suppose the first day got here, the car in the cliff, zigzag winding, zigzag to. The blue Mediterranean gradually low, in the blue sky clouds gradually low, church spire gradually low. Lemon garden more and more close, and their fragrance taste more and more close. Wife of shop-owner pass cup of lemon ice drink in white terrace around the wall, dew condensation and the distance of the big together in the sun is unripe brightness, like the Aegean sea, and like the kingdom of heaven. Originally the phenanthrene is rich in lemon, lemon wine.

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