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Italian honeymoon amorous feeling

Siena is a well-preserved medieval mountain city. The city has a kind of feeling, let us clearly know nothing in the foreign country, but also can have deja vu settle of heart. Old town winding, elegant quiet, every corner is a amorous feelings, like is an angel live in cities, eternal, pure


In Siena play you can go to the suburb to see a lot of the Tuscan unique scenery and participate in the whole process of farm Tours understand wine wait until horse race day see the bright and brave horse elegant demeanour. But there is a more simple choice, that is, from dawn to night, through the streets of the town.


The morning wake up in this WanShanZhi top city suburb choose a bright and safe seat point a cup of cappuccino, a cup of Italian concentration, warm coffee warm the body, immediately wake up the brain. Look is endless rurality. Eat enough after, he went to the town center there. Siena the medieval city, still full of the breath of the quiet, gold as honey sunshine slather filled with old streets, the old door, flowers flanked by windowsill, dark orange tower, all bathed in light yellow sunshine, let a person feel warm


To leave the seat is still a generations of another generation of the human mind and spirit of the cathedral, drilling a steep very lanes, looked up, meandering depths is shell square. The whole square is not in the same plane, arc fan design, is a radial square, have great originality. Shell square is Roman times set field, now also is the center of Siena, interesting is the city periphery have three hill, and the heart of the square is to the three hill extension, therefore presented radiate grain, like shell general.

Abbadia San Salvatore, Cripta - Amiata

The middle of the square there is a fountain is "soft fire makes sweet malt" masterpiece, from the beginning of 1400 to build, 19 years to achievement so a fountain, it is hard to imagine. It's sunny, shell square is a hubbub of voices, lovers, friends, tourists are comfortably put various postures "Shared" on the square in the sun, some lying on the ground to eat apples, or back-to-back stunned... But it is said that shell square the most lively day two days, since the 15th century, every summer on July 2, and August 16, two days, the square will have a traditional race meeting, the audience are dressed in the middle ages the traditional clothes from all over the world come to watch the horse racing game player, the whole city just like medieval scene representation, very lively.


If want to appreciate the shell plaza or the beauty of the whole city, it is afraid of heights, but also want to go to the bell tower. The towering minaret cabinet and delicate, beautiful lines, shock of far more than is eyes. In the climb after hundreds of steps, like into the clouds, the sky ". Under the foot of the scenery, all show the Siena iconic orange, the sun reflects shining Siena, the whole city present a warm color, folds of roof spectacular.

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