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Intriguing and Wishful Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

Fairy tale wedding is a dream wedding but the difference is that you live that dream in reality so your wedding goes wishful because you want everything to look as amazing as a beautiful dream. Fairy tale wedding theme is one of the most adorable wedding themes as it relates to the innocence and kindness only whereas people selecting this theme are also pure and innocent because they don’t want to go all evil as a champagne wedding theme but they want to remain heavenly and dreamy at their wedding day and if you have selected this type of wedding I bet I have got a lot of amazing ideas to turn around your dreamy wedding day.

fairy tale wedding theme

I believe you must be most excited about your theme wedding dresses because you have got the best chance to spend a huge amount of money to look as charismatic as a fairy tale princess however the final decision is yours that either you want to look like Rapunzel or you want to look like Cinderella or any other Disney princess. Arrange your wedding dress to be light colored either peach or golden but fairy tale wedding theme works great with white as well whereas it is your call that you want an ocean floating dress with pearls and gems in it as details or you want to go all the way elegant and wear a tight dress which unfolds into elegant creases at the bottom.

fairy tale wedding theme 1

Use acrylic beads to decorate the walls and the tables and light the beads up so that they can reflect with the fabric and give your reception appearance of a fairy land. Use cream and light pink color in the decorations and arrange your wedding to be inside a palace or you can even make it a destination wedding through booking a farm house and decorating it like a fairy land.

fairy tale wedding theme 2

Indoor wedding could be a great idea but if you are booking a farmhouse plan to spend two or three days there with your best girls for the arrangements while staying there at the farmhouse will add more fun to your wedding making it memorable not for the couple only but everyone else. Normally light shaded colors are used in fairy tale weddings but you can add in black as a contrast with all these colors to give it a wicked look of fairy tale because evilness helps every fairy tale to be complete.

fairy tale wedding theme 3

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