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Inexpensive and Exclusive Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Do you like the sea or beach view the most and want to apply it as the wedding theme?  There are many beach theme wedding ideas that you may opt for your marriage theme. Perhaps you have listened about the beach theme that requires high cost but it is good news for all who want to plan their marriage celebration with the beach theme wedding ideas. Beach concept for an event is the only idea that can be arranged in a limited budget.  Beach weddings are considered ideal for the summer season. If your marriage event is in the summer months opt this and enjoy more.

beach theme wedding ideas

I am guiding you for a new beach theme if you have dared to opt, try and your guests will definitely admire you. Use of shells, fishes is the traditional way to decorate an event, change this concept through an elegant way to make your party beautiful and outstanding. If the celebration is in the day time make environment appealing by the use of water pot, sand and candles. Fill the glass with water and take a pot smaller than the glass that you may easily keep this in the glass of water. Fill the pot with sand and place a candle in the center of it. Now put the sand pot in the water in such a way that it should not sink in the glass.

beach theme wedding ideas 1

Keep the glasses of water having another pot of sand and candles on each table and sprinkle flower petals around the glass. White and blue flowers are suitable for this theme, use for the embellishment of tables including the reception table. At reception use sky blue tablecloth and jug instead of glass for the same idea.  For the decoration you can also chose the fish bowl for every table along with reception and the bridal stage. Small toy boats are the best centerpieces and if the option of filling water in the boat is present so fill the boats with water. A big boat in the center and small boats around it will enhance the beach look of the event.

beach theme wedding ideas 2

Beach theme wedding ideas are endless and you can design your own idea using your creativity. If you select a venue having water fall or a pond or lake it is ideal. Arrange the bridal stage in front of the water fall when you will see bride and groom on the stage the background of water fall will give the dreamy and romantic sensation. Everyone enjoys more the great beach wedding idea that has water existence.

beach theme wedding ideas 3

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