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Incorporating A Carnival Wedding Theme

You probably attended one or more carnivals in your childhood so you know what they are all about. Carnivals are characterized by fun and lots of candy. In this regard, a carnival wedding theme is one that is meant to resemble a carnival setting. When you think about a carnival themed wedding, you should think about having delicious food, bright colored décor, multicolored sweets and lots of candy. A carnival wedding theme is meant to give you a wedding that will equally give you fond memories. Imagine a wedding where the tables are filled with candy and bright colors. A wedding where instead of a traditional cake, you have an ice cream cake, or a candy cake. It is a wedding that is bound to give you a sugar rush, so you should get ready to be pampered a little.

For your carnival wedding theme, you should think about playing with tons of colors at the dessert table. The dessert should also be able to act like décor on its own. You could have things like brightly colored sweets, hand crafts and a stunning floral selection among others. Your dessert table should entice your guests to visit it, since it is where you will place most of the sweets and candy. The dessert table should actually be transformed into a sweet table. Your guests should not be able to tell whether the look of the table is the sweetest, or the taste of all your delicacies. In other words, the manner in which you decorate your table should satisfy your guests even before they start on all the candy. It should lift their appetites and make them want to eat all that candy that you have displayed. It is well known that appetite begins with the eyes, so the more appealing your table; the more your guests will want to taste all your delicacies. For your carnival wedding theme, you should also think about having the best wedding cake themes included such as making cakes made of bubble gum, rock candy sticks, salty popcorn and doughnuts among candy items.

Overall, when you do decide to go with a carnival wedding theme, you should be ready to give your guests the full carnival experience. This theme is a bit wild, so it is only recommended for couples that love to have fun. It is not recommended for couples that want a traditional wedding. Some of your guests might need a little convincing as far as the theme is concerned, so you need to make sure that you have a variety of things at your table. This way, each of your guests will have something to chew on at the wedding reception.

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