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Incorporating A Baseball Wedding Theme For Your Special Day

If you want your wedding to have a unique element to it, a baseball wedding theme is a perfect idea. It is a non-traditional theme and many of your guests will probably not have seen a wedding of that kind. Most people take choosing a theme for their wedding for granted and as a result, they often choose the wrong theme, or have a wedding that has no sense of direction. A theme will help focus your wedding and it is also a good way for you to incorporate your personality and interests into your ceremony. It is through the theme that your guests will understand you more as a couple.

The use of a baseball wedding themes for your ceremony will have your guests talking, since many of them will not be expecting it. They will appreciate the time and spent in planning such a unique wedding ceremony. When you decide upon this theme, you need to make sure that you incorporate it into all the major parts of the ceremony. This includes the wedding ceremony itself, the vows, the decorations and the reception. As soon as your guests arrive, they should immediately be able to tell what your wedding theme is. It is only if the theme is incorporated into every element of the wedding that it will come together perfectly.

Additionally, incorporating the theme into every aspect of the ceremony will allow your guests to warm up to it. You need to appreciate the fact that some people at your wedding will not be baseball fans, so they might need a little convincing. It is only when they see the theme in action that they will come to appreciate it and ultimately enjoy the wedding experience. Even when planning for your wedding invitations, your baseball themed wedding should be present. You could decide to print your invitation cards in the form of baseball tickets. If you are not sure about what the tickets look like, your local ball park would be a good place to start. Another way that you could bring out the theme is through your wedding pictures. It would be ideal that you take your wedding pictures in a ballpark or field of some sort.

Essential for you to understand is that even with a baseball wedding theme, your ceremony needs to maintain some formality. This theme does not give you the excuse of having a lousy ceremony, but allows you to personalize it.

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