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Illuminated and Edgy Star Wedding Theme

Everyone once in their life always wants to reach stars or there are people who spend their nights counting stars knowing that they will not be able to count them all while we relate famous celebrities and famous personalities with stars because we relate their fame to a shining star. The star wedding theme is also about shining bright in the sky, making a statement and telling this world your love story while stars relate to endless beautiful and charismatic galaxies and milky ways and you want your wedding to be as charismatic as stars itself however the star wedding is one of the most mesmerizing, magical and magnetic wedding theme.

star wedding theme

The star wedding theme has this boundary that it cannot happen at day timings because there is no way stars can shine bright at day so it becomes a night wedding while to give your wedding a starry night look you need to use blue LED lights in lightnings to make sure that stars shine bright in the passionate environment of starry night. Dark blue and white is the combination to be used at your wedding and these two colors can simply go majestic and mesmerizing together.

star wedding theme 1

The wedding cake of your wedding will be dark blue colored with white stars in it which will shine in the depth of blue color making your cake look like a dark sky with shiny stars. Your bridal dress could be white colored but using silver will be greater as silver is going to shine brighter in the LED lights while groom can wear blue and white dress. In the decoration use glowing silver colored stars and hang them on the ceiling and walls while in the center pieces use 3d stars and put them over light so that they can illuminate in the dark night setting of your wedding.

star wedding theme 2

The flower girls can wear a galaxy printed frocks while the flower bouquets can have led belts in it along with the flowers. Coming to the traditional part now for taking vows you can arrange a background where you can place a crescent and after taking vows you can consume that place as a sitting area and snap amazing pictures. We know that stars remain incomplete without moon so the crescent is going to add the final touch to your reception making your wedding illuminated and edgy which can make you feel heavenly and blissful all the way.

star wedding theme 3

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