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Idyllic Beach Themed Wedding Reception Ideas

Are you dreaming for a beach themed wedding? However, it is not possible for everyone to organize his wedding reception at the beach even if he likes to do so. Sometimes there may be budget problem that resists you. It does not mean that you cannot plan for beach themed wedding. Here are some beach themed wedding reception ideas to make your wedding experience more exotic and memorable.

When you are planning for a beach wedding, keep a close eye over location. It should be proper so that it can accommodate you and your friends. Make the location more beautiful with artificial trees and flowers. If you are interested then you can use real flowers too. The most common colors for beach wedding are white, blue black and purple. Color choice also depends on the taste of couple. You can get ideas from your friends or you can browse internet for decoration purposes. Although most couples prefer a blue and white wedding theme.

Secondly, anything available on beach can be used for decoration purpose. You can use sand, pearls etc according to your choice. If you are choosing beach theme then decoration items should also be related to beach only. Conch shells can be used to make the location more happening and interesting. Also think about other unique items that can be used at the beach. There are beach themed wedding favors also to make the guest happier. When wedding favors are combined with beach themed wedding reception ideas, it makes the environment more adorable and interesting. One excellent thought is blue candle with beautiful white shells at the bottom and some seahorses or colored fishes are also suspended in the center. Cover the candle with transparent bowl open at the top and let it blow for longer.

Another wonderful wedding favor is white shell engraved with marriage date and couple picture over it. The shells can be attached with a stand to give a wonderful support. Extend the front area of stand so that it can work as card holder. Your guests, friends and relatives will surely appreciate the wedding favors like this. Suppose, you are organizing beach wedding in the evening then you have to make certain changes in the decoration. Use tiki torches with candles to make the surrounding more pleasant and romantic. Arrange a dance floor also where everyone can enjoy rocking wedding music. Almost everyone loves to dance at special occasions like wedding.

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