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Ideas For Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Ever thought of having a wedding with beach theme? Regardless of whether you have your wedding at the beach or create an atmosphere that makes all in attendance to have the feeling of being at the beach, a beach wedding can not only be memorable but also very attractive. Apart from choosing an appropriate wedding dress that befits a beach wedding, one thing you need to pay close attention to is the wedding cake. Unlike wedding cakes for other types of weddings, cakes for beach weddings are very different. Although very casual, beach theme wedding cakes need to be decorated with sea shells creatively arranged. Their appearance can further be enhanced with tropical flowers. You will need to be careful with the kind of Sea Shells used in decorating the cake. Such should be of the highest quality and of appropriate color. This is when it may become necessary to engage the service of a wedding cake designer. Below are just some of the ideas on the kind of cake you may choose to have:

  • Two-tier white cake – White cakes befit all types of weddings and beach wedding is no exception. Beach theme wedding cakes are normally stunning because of how they are decorated. Ensure that your wedding cake is decorated with edible white pearls, white edible Sea Shells and orange sea corals. You may choose to have the cake surrounded by colored apricot tulip bouquets.
  • Three-tier white oval cake – You may choose to go for a three-tier white cake decorated with pink sea coral, colorful seashells and sea horses. Alternatively, a three-tier ivory cake with ivory colored edible sea corals, white chocolate and colored pearls. You may also choose to have a three-tier beige wedding cake featuring white lace, white metallic seashells and crabs.
  • Four-tier blue cake – A four-tier wedding cake will certainly bring out the beach wedding theme in case your wedding is held elsewhere from a beach. You may choose to have it decorated with white edible chocolate coral accents and chocolate seashells. Alternatively, have a light blue cake decorated with blue seashells and white edible seashells.
It is important to note that you are not restricted to the above when it comes to ideas for beach theme wedding cakes. Because costs are certainly involved, you may choose to make your own cake in case you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person. Simply have a cake made at a bakery before designing it on your own.  

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