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When we compare our wedding celebrations with a Pilipino bride our celebrations seem to miss and important aspect i.e. the usage of theme. To make our parties elegant we just use we use gold and Champaign to give a classy touch to it. This article is a useful reading for those who seek IDEAS FOR A WEDDING THEME. Beach Theme: Most couples prefer beach theme because of the peaceful atmosphere and laid back effect of the beach. There are a lot of beautiful beaches around the world where this happy occasion can be celebrated. Here you can easily opt for church ceremony and beach receptions. To make it more romantic you can fix the time in accordance with the sunrise or sunset. [caption id="attachment_11001" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING THEME WEDDING THEME[/caption] The people who cant afford to go out and chill on some beach can bring the beach decors to their place. The variety of living things in the sea can be a part of your decor. Facts about the ocean life and sea will remain the main part of chit chat. These beach weddings can be the most romantic and memorable occasion of your life. Rose Theme: The rose theme is directly related to elegant and vibrant fragrances with flowers of different kinds all around. The addition of the colours of rainbow can add a divine touch to it. Rose confetti can add brilliance to your tables. You can sprinkle some of them in your invitations as well. You can take big glass jars filled with clear water with rose petals sprinkled on them. You can also find candles which are flower shaped and leave them on the surface of water in the jar. Rustic Country Theme: A country wedding is a brilliant idea for its rusticity. Its simplicity is its charm. And you can arrange a dreamy ride on horses for you and your partner. This all needs to be decorated in an old fashioned style. If you want to make it more charming you can go for the different tones of yellow and gold in your decorations. [caption id="attachment_11002" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING THEME WEDDING THEME[/caption] This idea doesn’t cost you much because the food items, to be served, are really cheaper than those available in towns. Even home canned jams with ribbons on the top or jellies and cookies can be served. Champaign is an essential. You can also gift country style handmade small things which are enough to honour your guests. The story does not end here your creativity can give new colours to the whole idea.

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